Can I change the spending limit for cards?

Every payment method has its own minimum and maximum transaction amount that is decided by banks. As Mollie is based in the EU, the minimum and maximum amounts set for us are in euros (€) and apply at the exchange rate.

A payment using a credit card carries risks, due to possible fraud, chargebacks and withdrawals. Therefore, we set a spending limit for these payment methods. By default, the spending limit for credit cards is €10.000,-. This means your customers can pay up to €10.000,- in one transaction.

If you’d like to change the spending limit for your customers, you can contact us to set a limit that's right for your business. We’ll ask you for the following:

  • The amount you’d like to set as the spending limit and the reason why.

  • To increase the limit, attach 3 recent invoices or payment statements to justify the increase.


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