What do I do in a Klarna customer dispute?

According to Klarna, a dispute arises when a merchant and a customer disagree about an order. A customer has the option to raise a dispute for the order with Klarna. When this happens, you may need to submit information about the order in the Disputes App in the Klarna Merchant Portal.


How do I resolve a dispute?

When a customer raises a dispute, Klarna will pause the invoice for the order and encourage the customer to either return the item or contact you to resolve the dispute. You will be given a period of 14 to 21 business days to communicate and resolve the dispute with your customer. If you cannot reach a resolution after this period, the dispute will be escalated to Klarna to make a decision.


Escalation of dispute to Klarna

When a dispute is escalated to Klarna, they will contact your customer for more information. They can choose to reject or accept the dispute. If Klarna decides a dispute is valid, they will contact you via the Disputes App in the Klarna Merchant Portal. In the Disputes App, they will share relevant information from the customer and ask you to provide more information like shipping labels.

Klarna will use the submitted information to make a final decision. If the decision is in your favour, your customer’s invoice will be reactivated for them to make a payment. If not, you will receive a chargeback for the disputed order. If you lose the dispute, the transaction will be charged back and you cannot revert this.


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