What should I do when a Klarna customer dispute arises?

When a customer is dissatisfied with their order, they can contact Klarna to open a dispute. Any active disputes can be found in the Disputes section in the Klarna Merchant Portal.


Klarna disputes process

If a customer raises a dispute, Klarna will pause the invoice on their order and notify you that you have an open dispute. 

  • If you activated your Klarna Merchant Portal account, you’ll be notified through the Disputes app and via email.
  • If you haven’t activated your Klarna Merchant Portal, you’ll be notified via email.

From there, Klarna will give you 14 to 21 business days to contact your customer and resolve the dispute. If you do not respond to the dispute, Klarna will decide in your customer’s favour, and you’ll receive a chargeback for the disputed order.


Managing disputes in the Klarna Merchant portal

The Disputes app in the Klarna Merchant portal is used to manage disputes raised by your customers before they become chargebacks. You receive an email from Klarna to set up your Merchant portal account when Klarna is activated on your Mollie account. 

If your activation link for the portal has expired, contact us to request a new activation email.


When does Klarna get involved?

The fastest way to resolve a Klarna dispute is to reach out to your customer and try to come to an agreement. If you can't resolve the issue with your customer within the given time frame (14-21 days), Klarna will get involved. 

First, they’ll contact your customer to understand the reason for the dispute. If they believe the dispute is valid, Klarna will contact you for more information and make a final decision. 

  • If the decision is in your favour, Klarna will reactivate your customer’s invoice, and they'll need to pay for their order.
  • If they decide against you or you don’t respond, you'll receive a chargeback for the disputed order. The paid amount will be returned to the customer.

For more information about Klarna's dispute process, please contact Klarna's customer support.


Good to know

In the Klarna Merchant portal,go to Disputes App > Email Settings > Notifications to change the notification and reminder settings about new and ongoing disputes.


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