My customer opened a dispute with in3. What do I do?

If your customer is unhappy with an order, you are encouraged to first discuss the issue directly with your customer. You have the opportunity to find a resolution that suits both parties. If a resolution is not reached, the customer may open a dispute with in3. Some possible reasons for a dispute are:

  • Customer did not receive their order.
  • Customer received a defective product.
  • Customer received the wrong product.
  • There was an issue with a refund.


What happens if my customer opens a dispute with in3?

When a customer opens a dispute, the Support team at in3 will communicate with the customer and record all the evidence that they can provide. After that, in3 Support will reach out to you by email. You will have 7 days from this email to provide your own evidence and information about the dispute. 

If you do not respond within 7 days, in3 Support will try contacting you via phone and a final email reminder. After these final reminders, they may decide to close the dispute in favour of the customer. 

In a case where both parties submit their evidence in time, in3 will examine the evidence from both parties and make a final decision.


Final decision of a dispute

in3 will email both parties when they have made a final decision about the dispute. The final decision may be in favour of the customer or the merchant.

Decision in favour of merchant

If the decision is in favour of the merchant, you do not have to make a refund. in3 will ensure that the customer fulfils their obligation to pay.

Decision in favour of customer

If the decision is in favour of the customer, in3 will make a refund to the customer directly. You will receive an invoice from in3 to settle the refund with instructions on how to pay this amount. The refund will not be shown in your Mollie Dashboard as the process will be entirely handled by in3.


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