Where can I see my current balance?

In your Mollie Dashboard, below Administration > Balance, you can see your current balance on the right side. 

What do the statuses below ‘Balance’ mean?

  • On hold: incoming balance that is not yet available to use, for example for refunds, and that cannot be paid out yet. This is the case for payment methods with a payment delay, such as credit card (5 business days) and SEPA direct debit (10 business days), or amounts that are held temporarily.
  • Available: this amount is available immediately. This allows you to make refunds, for example. It is the total of received (released) payments minus costs (such as refunds and transaction costs) and plus, for example, commissions. This money will be paid out with the next settlement.
  • Sent to bank: Mollie is sending this amount to the bank. Once this is successful, you will be paid out and the amount will be removed here.