How can I test the payment methods and webhook on my website?

Use of the Test API key

Our system facilitates a test mode. You can use this testing mode through our Test API key. By using this test key, you can create a fictitious payment in our system. That way you can test whether the communication between your website and Mollie works correctly. After a live payment we always give your system technical feedback about the payment via the webhook. This allows your system to automatically mark an order as 'paid' or, for example, ‘cancelled’.

With the Test API key, you can't create a ‘real’ payment. You will see the test payment in your dashboard, but only as a test payment. Because the test payment doesn't actually transfer an amount to your account, this test payment will not be shown in your accounting overview.

Where do I find the Test API key?

You can find the Test API Key in your Mollie Dashboard below Developers >> API keys. The code is immediately available after you link a website to your account.


How does it work

Mollie's payment system is mostly used for webshop payments. In the steps below we used a webshop as an example. However, it is also possible to link our payment system to other platforms like an invoicing program, booking system or ticket platform. In that case, the integration and testing will be overall the same. Did you integrate our API yourself? In that case, you'll send the Test API key along while creating a payment in our system.

  1. Copy the Test API key. You can do this by clicking the 'copy' button.
  2. Enter the key in the backend of your webshop. In most webshop systems you first select your payment provider, after which you'll see a field where you can enter the API key.
  3. Place an order in your webshop. 
  4. Choose the status of the payment. You can select whether the status of the payment is paid, expired or cancelled. After choosing the status you see this in the order of your webshop system and in your Mollie dashboard. Do they match? If so, the integration works and your test is successful.

Please note: Because it doesn't concern a "real" payment, the payment will also not be paid out to you. In case you want to test outpayments, it is best to perform a real payment through the Live API key. 


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