Mollie API V1 will be shut down

The V1 version of the Mollie API reached its end of life in July 2023 and will be fully shut down on December 31st 2024.

All customers that are still using Mollie API V1 should upgrade to our current V2 version. It is strongly recommended to upgrade as soon as possible to prevent any impact on business operations.

See below FAQ for more information.


How do I know if I still use Mollie API V1?


Every payment that is created via Mollie API V1 will have a message on the Payment Details page on Mollie Dashboard.


How do I upgrade to Mollie API V2?


If you have a direct integration with the Mollie API you can update your code to use the V2 API. For more information on the technical changes between V1 and V2, see our technical documentation.

When you are using a third party integration or plugin, make sure that you are running the latest version. If the integration does not support the V2 API, please contact the provider of the integration.


Will my API Keys, Organization Tokens or OAuth Access Tokens work on Mollie API V2?


Yes, all API Keys, Organization Tokens and OAuth Access Tokens work both on V1 and V2.


What are the benefits of Mollie API V2?


Our latest Mollie API version supports more payment methods, can handle more than 25 currencies, and much more. We continue to support V2 and will add more functionalities in the future.


Can I create a refund with Mollie API V2 for a payment that was created on Mollie API V1?


Yes, you can create refunds for all your payments, irrespective of the API version that was used to create the payment.


Will there be any changes in the Mollie Dashboard or reports?


No, all your payments will still be available in the Mollie Dashboard and reports as you are accustomed to.