How do I move from eCurring to Chargebee?

From 28 February 2023, eCurring will no longer be available with Mollie. There are a range of subscription management and billing tools available that partner with Mollie for payments, but we recommend Chargebee as the preferred solution to manage your subscriptions and billing needs. Mollie will continue to process your payments, and Chargebee has even better features than eCurring to serve your customers' needs. 


What steps do I need to follow to start my move to Chargebee? 

Sign up with Chargebee

  • Visit Chargebee's page for eCurring merchants and get your dedicated support manager - they are expecting you.
  • Take up their introductory offer then follow the steps on how to move from eCurring to Chargebee.


Export your eCurring historical data to use in Chargebee

  • Once Chargebee has confirmed you will be moving to their solution, go to your eCurring dashboard and select all the data available and request to create an export
  • You will receive an email when your export data is available to be downloaded.
  • Go to your eCurring dashboard and download all the data available from eCurring.


Once you have your data  

  • Share the exported data with Chargebee
  • Set up features in your Chargebee dashboard (ie. payment reminders, retries, etc).
  • Contact Chargebee support to confirm the best time to put all your subscriptions on hold in the eCurring dashboard using this link.
  • You will need to do this shortly before migrating to Chargebee and this will make sure that new payments, payment reminders, and retries stop being created by eCurring. 


Completing the final steps 

  • After migration is successfully finalised in Chargebee, go to the eCurring dashboard and cancel the account.
  • Go to Mollie dashboard and Revoke the eCurring app from your Mollie account.

Chargebee's dedicated support team will take care of you the rest of the way, and Mollie will still be there to process your payments and answer any questions about those payments.