I received a chargeback for a credit or debit card. What do I do?

If you receive a notification that a chargeback was made, this means that the transaction was reversed by the cardholder. There can be multiple reasons for this, so you should refer to the reason code provided. You can object to a chargeback, so it’s important to respond to a chargeback notification as soon as possible.


Reason for the chargeback

We receive a reason code whenever a chargeback is reported by a bank. The reason code is different depending on the brand of the card used in the transaction. You can see a list of the most common reason codes for Visa and Mastercard chargebacks below.


Stated reason


Means of objection

Visa: 10.4
Mastercard: 4837

Fraudulent transaction

The cardholder states that someone else made the transaction using their card. it is difficult to contest this reason if the card transaction did not use 3D Secure.

Visa: 13.2
Mastercard: 4841 / 4850

Cancelled recurring transaction

The cardholder objects to a recurring transaction. You can file an objection with documents and correspondence that show an existing agreement with the cardholder for these payments.

Visa: 13.1
Mastercard: 4855

Services not performed or goods not received

For physical products, you can file an objection with delivery notes and tracking numbers that prove the product has been delivered.

For digital products or services, you can file an objection with any relevant documents that show delivery of the product or service.

Visa: 13.3
Mastercard: 4853

Product does not match description or shows defect

The way to contest this will depend on the specific reason given by the cardholder. We can help you determine what documents to submit based on the case.

Visa: 13.6
Mastercard: 4860

Refund not received

The consumer expected a refund but did not receive it. You can file an objection with documents that prove the refund was processed by different means.


How do I object to a chargeback?

When we receive a chargeback report, we will immediately forward it to you. If you don’t agree with a chargeback or if your customer has wrongly submitted a chargeback, please send all documentation, correspondence, or additional information by filling out our contact form. As an intermediary, we will file the objection in your name. However, you are solely responsible for the process and any costs that are incurred.

The bank will receive the objection and will review the documents. It can take up to 45 days before we learn whether the objection was accepted. If the objection is rejected by the bank, the card payment will be reversed and the chargeback fee of €25,- will be deducted from your account. Unfortunately, we cannot waive the chargeback fee.


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