A credit card transaction is not a guaranteed transaction. That is to say that the cardholder can carry out a so-called chargeback via their bank. This request to retrieve the money will be put before you. If your consumer's bank accepts the chargeback, the money will be reclaimed.

As soon as we receive notification of a chargeback, we will in turn notify you. Depending on the nature of the chargeback, there will be an opportunity to respond to this notification. The chargeback in question will remain in your account until the situation has been resolved.

You are yourself responsible for possible chargebacks. Mollie can possibly lodge an objection to the chargeback on behalf of our merchant, but only when we receive all relevant documentation, correspondence or other information within 2 days. In other words, Mollie will in this matter only act as a conduit. Any costs resulting from this objection will be for your account. When a chargeback is reversed, the chargeback costs are not waived.

There is always the possibility of a chargeback. Prior to a chargeback, your consumer can approach their bank about a specific transaction. Your consumer normally speaking has 6 months to reclaim a transaction. When this happens, we will notify you immediately. This way, you might be in a position to sooner contact your consumer to clarify any ambiguity. This way you might be able to prevent an actual chargeback.

However, if your consumer insists on reclaiming the transaction, you will have to pay chargeback costs. These costs amount to € 19 ex. VAT.


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