How do I set a passcode for the Mollie app?

To protect your account, you need to create a passcode when you log in to the Mollie app. If your device allows, you can use your fingerprint or face for authentication after setting a passcode.


Create a passcode

You can follow the steps below to choose a memorable and unique code. To keep your account secure, you cannot use common sequences like 12345 for a passcode.

  1. Log in to the app.
  2. Create a passcode.
  3. Confirm the passcode.
  4. Enable biometric authentication (if available).

If you enter the wrong passcode multiple times in a row, you will be logged out of the app. You can log in again to your account with your details and set a new passcode.


Change a passcode

  1. In the Mollie app, go to Browse > Security.
  2. Tap Change passcode.
  3. Enter your current passcode.
  4. Create a passcode.
  5. Confirm the passcode.
  6. Enable biometric authentication (if available).


What should I do if I forget my passcode?

On the passcode screen, click on Forgot passcode? to log out of the app. You can then log in with your account details and create a new passcode to access the app.