How do I add the Mollie app widget?

When you use the Mollie mobile app widget, you can easily view your daily revenue on your lock screen.


What you need to know in advance

  • The widget is only available for iOS 16 and later as well as Mollie app version 2.6.x and later.
  • You can position the widget either above or below the time on the lock screen.


Enabling widgets on your mobile device

  1. Log in to the Mollie mobile app.
  2. Click on Settings/Browse.
  3. Go to App > Widgets.
  4. Toggle the option Enable widgets.
  5. If you have multiple organisations on your account, you can choose one. The widget will display data from the chosen organisation.
  6. Exit the app and go to the lock screen to add the widget.
  7. Touch and hold on the lock screen until the Customise button appears. 
  8. Tap the Customise button.
  9. Tap on Add Widgets.
  10. Tap or drag the Mollie mobile app widget to add it to your lock screen.




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