How do I manage my Risk Controls?

In your Mollie Dashboard, you can manage Risk Controls to increase your card acceptance rate by accepting more risk, or to reduce consumer fraud by accepting less risk. You have 2 groups of Risk Controls that you can manage in your Mollie Dashboard:

3D Secure authentication

3D Secure authentication is an important protection against consumer fraud. We provide dynamic 3D Secure controls to reduce friction at checkout for your customers. 

You can manage the controls over 3D Secure authentication in 2 ways:

  • Enable Dynamic 3D Secure: If you enable this setting, you can optimise card authentication performance by requesting that qualifying payments have a frictionless flow. However, it comes with an increased risk of receiving chargebacks.
  • Include high-value payments: You can use this setting to also apply Dynamic 3D Secure to high value payments (usually up to €250, unless a custom policy is created).


Fraud checks

You can choose to turn on Accept elevated risk payments to increase your payment acceptance rate. This means that you choose to accept payments with a higher risk score than the default setting. We periodically review and adjust the default risk settings. 



How do I use the Block list and Trust list?

You can use 2 types of lists to set exceptions when accepting card payments. When you add a specific customer’s details to any of these lists, they have hierarchy over a country level parameter on either list. For example, a customer’s payment will be accepted if their email is on your Trust list, even if their IP country is included on your Block list

However, we also screen payments with lists based on known instances of consumer fraud, and these screening results will overrule your custom lists.

  • Block list: If the payment details match this list, the payment will be blocked.
  • Trust list: If the payment details match this list, the payment won’t be blocked, even if the risk score is higher than the default.


You can view, add or remove parameters from a list in your Mollie Dashboard:

  1. In your Mollie Dashboard, go to Acceptance & Risk > Lists.
  2. Add your preferred parameters to your lists.
    • See table below for allowed parameters.

You can also add the details (card fingerprint and consumer email) of a specific card transaction directly to a list from the Payment Details page.


Allowed list parameters

Parameter Block list Trust list
Consumer email* Yes Yes
Card fingerprint Yes Yes
Card country Yes No
IP country Yes No
*Data point only available if you’re integrated with the Orders API.


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