How can I understand my card performance?

You can view your card payment performance in your Mollie Dashboard to understand how your risk controls affect your card acceptance rate. The overview shows card payments with fraud risk assessments at different stages of the card acceptance funnel.


Viewing the Acceptance Funnel

  1. In your Mollie Dashboard, go to Acceptance & Risk > Overview.
  2. Choose what period you’d like to view:
    • Last 7 days
    • Last 30 days
    • Last 90 days
  3. To view more information, you can click on:
    • Passed fraud checks
    • Passed authentication


Explanation of Acceptance Funnel stages

Stage of acceptance funnel Explanation
Attempted payments Card payments made by your customers excluding recurring payments or payments made with a wallet, such as Apple Pay.
Passed fraud checks Legitimate card payments that have passed fraud screening and custom block and trust lists.
Passed authentication Card payments that successfully passed the authentication step through 3D Secure authentication, or by going straight to authorisation because 3D secure was not required.
Accepted payments Card payments that were successfully processed and paid. This includes payments that may be refunded or result in a chargeback at a later date. If a payment passes authentication but isn’t accepted, it may have failed because the card issuer declined the payment.

Understanding performance and metrics

There are several metrics and overviews you can use to understand your card performance:

Acceptance Rate

Your Acceptance Rate tells you how many attempted card payments are successfully accepted after moving through the acceptance funnel.


Fraud performance

The fraudulent chargeback rate is the percentage of accepted payments that have been disputed by consumers as fraudulent. Under fraud performance, you can also view your block rate, which is the percentage of attempted transactions that were blocked by our fraud screening and your custom block lists.


Authentication performance

Authentication is the stage where the issuing bank determines if the payer is the legitimate cardholder. This step can create a lot of friction for customers and lead to lost payments, so optimising this stage is important for increasing card payment revenue. You can use Risk Controls to optimise authentication performance.

You can track how many payments have passed authentication and the 3D Secure authentication rate. You can also view a table that shows what happened to each payment submitted for 3D Secure authentication.


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