How do I manage a Billie dispute?

If a customer is unhappy with the product or service they received, they have 120 days after the order to raise a dispute with Billie. You can contact Billie for more information about a dispute.


Resolving a dispute

When a dispute is raised, Billie will pause the payment of an invoice and inform you of the dispute by email. Billie then gives you 14 days to discuss with your customer and reach a resolution. If no agreement is reached, Billie will get involved to make a final decision.


How does Billie get involved?

Billie will make a final decision if you cannot come to an agreement about the dispute with your customer. Billie will ask your customer for more documents or information. They may choose to escalate the dispute to the Klarna Support team. Klarna may then ask you to provide more information about the order.

At all stages, Billie will keep you informed by email of the status of the dispute. Billie or Klarna will make a final decision:

  • If the decision is in your favour, the invoice will be reactivated for the customer to pay as usual. 
  • If the decision is in favour of your customer, you may be asked to make a refund or Klarna will issue a chargeback to your account.