Why is Mollie asking for my financial information?

Mollie is a financial service provider, so we operate in line with relevant regulations and guidelines. Where necessary, we assess the financial risk of our customers. The timing and frequency of these assessments depend on multiple indicators of financial risk that may change over time.

Transactions with payment methods like Klarna, SEPA Direct Debit and credit cards can potentially end in disputes and chargebacks. When you accept payments through these methods, the financial risk is higher for Mollie and your business. We assess organisations that use these payment methods to prevent negative impacts to our customers and business. 


What documents do I have to provide for a financial assessment?

If we need to perform a financial assessment on your business, our Credit Risk team will reach out to you via email. We may ask for the following information:

  • Financial statements from the previous 2 years. 
    • Initial figures are accepted if last year’s figures have not been approved by an external auditor yet.
    • Also interim results from the current year, if available.
  • Transaction information from a previous payment service provider.
  • An organisational chart or organigram that indicates Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBO).
  • Forecast of expected transaction volumes.
  • Expected transaction volume according to each payment method.


How will Mollie handle confidential information about my business?

We understand that some of the requested documents include sensitive company information. We will only ask for this information when necessary. Be assured that your information will only be viewed by trained credit risk analysts for the financial assessment. 

If you are ever unsure if an information request is really from Mollie, please reach out to our Support team to verify the request.


What can I expect after the financial assessment?

We will assess the financial risk based on the information you have provided. Depending on the final decision, we may propose some additional measures to lower the financial risk of your business. 


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