I have an issue with my terminal. What can I do?

If your terminal device isn’t working as expected, you can try the troubleshooting steps mentioned here to fix the issue.

Problems with 4G or wireless network


When you first activate the terminal, you need to connect it to a wireless network like a phone hotspot. We recommend using a wireless network when possible, as this is usually more stable than a 4G connection. You can also try connecting to a 3G network.

Connecting a terminal to a 3G network

  1. Tap on the home screen 3 times.
  2. Enter your passcode.
  3. Go to Internet > Mobile settings
  4. Tap Advanced.
  5. Under Preferred network type, change the setting to 3G/2G auto.

Switching the network type to 3G and then back to 4G may sometimes help improve 4G connectivity on the device.


“Callback service not found” error message


To resolve this issue, you can try turning on and off Airplane mode on the device.

  1. Hold the power button until the settings menu appears.
  2. Turn on Airplane mode.
  3. Hold the power button then turn off Airplane mode.
  4. If the issue continues, hold down the power button for 10 seconds to reboot the device.


Cannot detect a terminal on the Mollie App


Each terminal is connected to a specific profile. In the Mollie app, you can change profiles by tapping on the profile at the top of the screen and choosing the correct profile.


Terminal shows receipt paper roll required


The A920 Terminal requires having a receipt paper roll installed even if you won’t be printing receipts. A receipt paper roll is included in the box with the terminal for this reason.


Forgotten PIN code


You can find your PIN code in your Mollie Dashboard. Go to More > Point-of-sale.


My Terminal is blocked


Your Terminal can be blocked for multiple reasons. Please contact us to find out why and to solve your issue.



Returning a terminal

You can return your terminal up to 10 business days after receiving it. You must return the device in the original box with all accessories included. Please contact us if you would like to return a terminal.