Where can I find information about my balance?

Your Mollie balance is the difference between your income and your expenses:

  1. Open your Mollie Dashboard.
  2. Go to Administration > Balance

You can find your balance on the right side of your screen. 


What does the status of my balance mean?

Your balance always has a status. This status indicates what will happen with your money in the future:

  • On hold: We have received your money, but are not able to pay you yet. This mostly happens due to payment delays of payment methods such as credit card or SEPA Direct Debit. 
  • Available: This money is available now, for example to make a reimbursement. We will pay you the next payment date
  • Sent to bank: Your money is on its way to the bank. As soon as the bank receives your money, they will transfer it to your bank account.