Sending an invoice to my customers

With Mollie Invoicing, you can easily and quickly get paid by invoicing your customers.


How do I create an invoice for my customer 

Through our Invoicing product, you can quickly create invoices. To make an invoice, you must fill in the following information:

  • Customer
  • Payment term
  • Product + Quantity
  • VAT percentage

Once you have filled in these fields, you can save it as a draft and view the invoice. All you need to do then is actually send the invoice. Of course, you can do this directly via the Mollie dashboard.

The advantage of doing this directly through Mollie is that automated reminders can also be sent. Both before the payment term expires and after it has expired.


How can customers pay my invoices?

An invoice recipient can pay the invoice in two ways. 

  1. By scanning the Payment Link displayed on the invoice 
  2. By manually transferring the money to the account number

In the case of the payment link, the money will be received in your Mollie account, and the invoice will also be displayed as Paid in the overview. You will then receive the money in your bank account with the payout from Mollie. If your customer manually transfers the money, it will come directly into your own bank account, but we will not know that the invoice has been paid. You will then have to manually set it to 'paid'. You do this by opening the invoice and clicking the button More and selecting the option Mark as paid.