What do the different sections of the balance report page mean?

In your Mollie Dashboard, you can find more information about your balance. Examples are your revenue and deductions. You can download a report of your balance between two dates.


On hold or available

Your balance in your Mollie Dashboard has two possible statuses:

  • On hold: these funds are not yet available, due to risk mitigation or since we did not yet receive the funds.
  • Available: these funds will be paid to you on your next payment date.


Categories of your balance

On your report your balance will have the following categories:

  • Opening balance: This is your balance on the first date of your report.
  • Payments: A list of payments you received from your customers.
  • Deductions: A list of costs you made, such as your Mollie invoice.
  • Transfers: A list of all the deposits in your bank account.
  • Corrections: Sometimes our financial department makes manual corrections. You also see the reason for the correction.
  • Fees charged: You make costs with every payment you receive, such as transaction costs or deducted VAT costs.
  • Closing balance:  This is the balance on the last date of your report. 


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