What information needs to be on my website?

When you sign up to work with Mollie, we ask you for your website to understand more about your business. As a financial services provider, we need to adhere to regulations and know our customers. We periodically check that our customers’ websites are in line with the requirements below. If we find anything missing, we may contact you to add this information to your website.


What information does Mollie need?

To use our services, your website should be online and clearly display the following:

  • Price and description of the goods or services you offer.
  • Any relevant terms and conditions for your customers.

We also ask that you display your trade name, business registration number or VAT number on your website, so we can confirm that you own the site. If we cannot confirm that you own the website on your account, we may disable your payment services or payouts.

If your business requires a specific licence

We ask that you display information on your website in line with regulations around the products and services you offer. For example, if you sell alcohol, we ask that you display an 18+ logo or add a form of age verification to your website (such as a date of birth check when opening the page).


Other information that may be required

When you sell products and services online, you need to comply with the conditions in the Distance Selling Act. Payment method providers, including card networks such as Visa and Mastercard, also have rules about what should be displayed on a company’s website. You’ll need to ensure your website meets these requirements if you choose to use these payment methods. 

You should display the information below on your website and ensure your customers can contact you.

  • Your registered business address.
  • A phone number or other live contact method.
  • An email address or contact form.
  • Your shipping and return policy (if shipping physical goods).
  • Your consumer data privacy policy.
  • Transaction currency.
  • Your payment terms.


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