When will I be paid?

With Mollie, you decide when you receive your money. You can change the payout date and frequency in your Mollie account, free of charge. By default, we pay you twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays and the first business day of the month. Your payout options depend on what payment methods you use.


I have not received my payout. Why is this?

You will receive your first payout after we have approved your account. If you haven’t received a payout on your new account, please check your Mollie Dashboard to see if you have correctly submitted all your details.

If your account has been approved but you still haven’t received your payout, you can check for the reason in your Mollie Dashboard. Go to Administration > Balance and you will see a reason next to your balance. Possible reasons are: 

  • Payout date is on a bank holiday. You will receive your money on the next scheduled payout.
  • Your available balance is below £ 5,-. You will receive your money on the next payout date as long as you have £ 5,- or more on your account. 
  • Your payment has not been processed and added to your available balance. The payment may be put on hold. There is a settlement delay for some payment methods
  • Your account requires a review from our team. You will be informed via email and in your Mollie Dashboard.


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