How do I install Klarna on Shopify?

You can use Klarna via Mollie to accept payments on your Shopify webshop. We have new Payment Apps for Klarna: Pay later, Klarna: Pay now, and Klarna: Slice it.


What you need to know in advance


Activating payment methods in Shopify

  1. Choose a Klarna payment method and click the activation link:
  • Click Add app.
  • Log in to your Shopify account. 
  • On the installation page, click Install app.
  • Click Connect via Mollie and log into your Mollie account.
  • Choose your website profile. This tells us which website you are installing the payment method on. Click Select profile.
  • (Optional) Choose Enable test mode to test the payment method.
    • You can use test mode to make dummy transactions before your webshop goes live.
  • Click on Activate Mollie - [Payment method name].
  • If you’re using the old Mollie payment gateways, you should deactivate them.
    • You can tell the difference between the old payment gateways and the new by checking the name in Shopify. All the new Payment Apps have the name Mollie - [Payment method name]. Keep these ones activated.


    What has changed in the new Klarna Payment Apps?

    If you were previously using our Klarna payment gateways on Shopify, you will find 2 important changes when you begin to use the new Klarna Payment Apps.


    After your customer makes an order and pays with Klarna, the order status will immediately show as Completed in your Mollie Dashboard. A shipment will be created and you can see this on the order page under Shipments. This means that the order will be captured automatically: you will receive the funds after the standard settlement delay and your customer will receive an invoice from Klarna immediately.

    Order information

    You may see the line-items Fees or Discounts when you view a Klarna order in the Mollie Dashboard. You do not need to do anything if you see this. These line-items are added automatically to ensure that the total amount of the order is correct. Fees will show a positive amount and Discounts will show a negative amount. We have made this change because Shopify no longer shares the full details for orders with third party payment providers like Mollie. 


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