How do I enable Mollie Components in WooCommerce?

With Mollie Components, consumers can directly enter their credit card details in your website’s checkout. This means they will no longer be redirected to another page, hosted by Mollie, when the payment process begins. This makes the payment process faster and more reliable. Only with 3D Secure payments will consumers be redirected to their own banking environment. Because Mollie Components only applies to credit card payments, you can only offer it if you have activated credit cards as a payment method.

Make sure the WooCommerce plugin has been updated and follow the steps below to enable Mollie Components.

How does it work?

1. Log in to your WooCommerce account
2. Go to Plugins > Installed plugins
3. Tap ‘Mollie settings’ below Mollie payments for WooCommerce


4. Tap ‘edit’ next to credit card


5. Check the box next to ‘Enable Mollie Components’


You have now enabled Mollie Components. We advise you to check whether everything works properly, by making a test payment. Preferably, you do the test payment with a real credit card, to see immediately if the payment is successful.

Advanced users can adjust the layout of the fields themselves by going to ‘Settings’ and ‘Mollie Components’ in WooCommerce.

Browser support

In the documentation you can find which browsers Mollie Components supports.



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