Can I also use Mollie to receive donations?

You most certainly can! You can integrate our system in various ways to facilitate receiving donations.

Wordpress donations plug-in

Did you build your website in Wordpress? Then you can use the donations plug-in for Wordpress.

Even though the plug-in is very easy to install, it offers plenty of options:

  • Donations can be found in the WordPress admin-panel.
  • Donors can enter their name and address particulars.
  • You can list several projects, allowing donors to choose which project they want to make a donation to.
  • You can select which particulars donors have to fill out when making their donation.
  • You can set up your own Thank-You page.
  • You can list standard amounts or leave it up to the donor.
  • You can create your own form layout.

In addition to one-off donations, you can also use the plug-in for periodic payments based on Mollie's 'Subscription API'. This system facilitates receiving a certain monthly, quarterly or yearly amount via credit card or by means of a SEPA Direct Debit.

Mollie API

You don't use Wordpress or does the plug-in not meet your expectations? Then the best option would be to integrate our API. This requires slightly more technical know-how than integrating a plug-in and so is best left to a developer.


Would you like to offer your donors a choice between making, for instance, monthly or weekly donations? Then you can use our Recurring or Subscriptions API. However, this also requires some technical know-how.

See for more information about setting up your Mollie account: How do I sign up for Mollie?



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