What is the collections and recovery process?

After you have accepted a Capital funding offer, you will be given a repayment rate that is calculated considering your trading history and expected volume. If you do not meet the expectations for repayment, we may reach out to you to discuss some available options.

You may be entered into the collections and recoveries process for the following reasons:

  • You have not made a repayment recently.
  • Your repayments are below the minimum expected amount based on our forecasts and understanding of your business.

If you fall under either of these categories, we will put you in touch with our partner, YouLend. They will work with you to understand the circumstances of your business and options for repayment.


What happens if I do not contact YouLend?

YouLend will try to contact you over a 30 day period since you last paid the minimum expected amount. If they cannot reach you within this period, your funding will be defaulted and YouLend will begin the recovery process.


Recovery process

YouLend will take all possible steps to find a solution that satisfies both parties before they begin the recovery process. When this is not possible and a funding offer is defaulted, they will try to recover any outstanding repayment amount with interest from the borrower. If not, they may reach out to the personal guarantor, which is usually an Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) of the business.

Do you have a question about Capital? Feel free to contact our Capital Support team.


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