What permissions do I grant with OAuth?

When you’re connecting your Mollie account to a platform, you’ll be asked to use OAuth to grant permissions for the platform to access necessary account information and functions. OAuth or Open Authorisation is the industry standard for a user to grant access to an app or website to specific information on an account.

Before you grant access using OAuth, an app specifies what kind of access it’s requesting from you. Some examples of permissions that apps may request are:

  • To view or submit account set up information.
  • To view payments, chargebacks and payment methods on your account.
  • To create payments on your behalf.
  • To view, create or cancel refunds.
  • To view or manage customer information.
  • To view or manage subscriptions and mandates.
  • To view or manage website profiles.
  • To view balance, invoices or settlements.
  • To view or manage orders and shipments.
  • To view or change organisation details.
  • To view or create payment requests.


Withdrawing permission from an app

You can withdraw these permissions at any time in your Mollie Dashboard.

  1. Go to More > Authorisations.
  2. Next to the app, click Revoke.


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