When will Mollie review my account?

When you create a new account, we need to check that you’ve submitted all the information listed here. You need to have received payments from customers and have a balance of £5,- or more before we review your account details.


How do I finish my account setup?

You’ll see a blue button in your Mollie Dashboard asking you to Finish setup. Follow the steps to submit your information. We’ll then check that we have all the required information and contact you by email if we need more information. It can take up to 10 business days for us to review an account.



We check your website to understand more about your business. Make sure your website is online and clearly displays the prices and descriptions of the products and services you offer.


Bank account

You’ll be asked to add your bank account details, so we know where to transfer your payouts. Make sure your bank account meets the requirements and make a payment so we can verify your account.


Identification documents

We ask for a copy of an ID to verify the legal representatives of your organisation. We accept a passport, identity card, or residence permit. We also accept a driving licence issued by the Netherlands or the UK.


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