How do I set up a payment status trigger in Zapier?

With Mollie for Zapier, you can trigger an automation based on a payment status. For example, to notify an app of a failed payment. We’ve created a number of Zap templates to help you get started:


What you need to know in advance

  • The template currently contains a block that limits the loop of payments per hour to 500.
  • If you’re on a free plan with Zapier, some parts of the template are restricted.


Building a Zap based on payment status

  1. Create a Zap using this template to push new payments in Mollie to Zapier storage
  2. Create another Zap using this template to send a webhook when the transaction is paid.
    • You can customise the POST action in this template to suit your needs. By default, the action is to send a webhook based on the payment status.

If you have any questions, you can contact Zapier Support at


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