How do I enable Acceptance & Risk?

Acceptance & Risk is our solution that optimises card payment performance by minimising consumer fraud and maximising card acceptance.


Enabling Acceptance & Risk

  1. In your Mollie Dashboard, go to Acceptance & Risk
  2. Click Activate
  3. Confirm that you accept the terms of use.


Compatible integrations

Acceptance & Risk works for all integration types, including the Orders and Payments APIs. Once enabled, it is applied to each card transaction. You can view insights or manage your settings in your Mollie Dashboard.


Necessary data sharing

The core of Acceptance & Risk is our consumer fraud screening capability. For this to be most effective, we need to have access to key data points.

Most data is automatically shared with Mollie as mandatory fields, but the following data points are optional or only available with specific APIs:

Data type Necessity
IP address Mandatory field
Billing address Optional field
Shipping address Optional field
Customer email Optional field for Orders API only


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