How do I match my sales invoices to my exports?

You can use specific information from the export of your Settlement Report and Balance Report to match your sales invoices to your exports.


Good to know

Payment descriptions help you quickly match any sales invoices to your exports by clearly connecting a payment to its sales invoice. Often these descriptions are added to your payments once Mollie is integrated to your website.


Settlement Reports

Settlement Reports break down the funds from a single settlement. While these reports can cover a single month of transactions, they can cover multiple months. 

Higher-risk payment methods like credit card, SEPA Direct Debit and Klarna can be missing from a settlement due to a settlement delay. For example, as credit card transactions are paid out with a delay, some credit card payments made during the last week of the month might appear in the next month’s settlement instead.


Balance Reports 

Balance Reports cover a specific day or month, regardless of when the funds were paid out. Balance reports are helpful as you can still view information regardless of settlement delays. 

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