What is an ownership structure?

During the application process in your Mollie dashboard, we ask you to answer the question ‘Is {your company} owned or controlled by another organisation?’. 

With this question we want to know if your company is part of an ownership structure. The company can be part of a structure or there is no structure.


Figuring out the structure of my company

There are two options:

  • Structure: This means that other organisation(s) have an ownership or control in an organisation i.e. there are organisations between the client (merchant) and the Ultimate Beneficial Owner(s) (UBO) (see picture 1)
  • No structure: This means the organisation is directly owned or controlled by the UBO(s) (see picture 2)


We ask you the question  ‘Is {your company} owned or controlled by another organisation?’ in the Mollie dashboard, which has two possible outcomes:

  • The answer is no: the company is not part of a structure
  • The answer is yes: the company is part of a structure. In this case we need to investigate your company a little further. It is possible that in a later stage of the process we will ask for an organisational chart. This is extra documentation that shows the ownership structure. 

Please note that it’s very important to answer this question truthfully. If you fill in no when asked if your company is part of a structure, we will check your company information as well.


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