How to test and go live with Lightspeed


Mollie Payments for Lightspeed lets you make test payments to verify that your payment methods work correctly. You can try out all possible payment statuses for each payment method.


What you need to know in advance

If you're switching to Mollie Payments for Lightspeed from the previous integration (Lightspeed Payments by Mollie), you should turn off all payment methods in the previous integration, but keep the app itself enabled. This will allow you to process refunds on former orders and shipments even after you move to the new integration.


Make a test payment

  1. Switch your app to test mode.
  2. In your Lightspeed eCom account, go to Home and click View store.
    This opens your test online store.

  3. Make a purchase in your test online store with the payment method that you want to test.

  4. In the status page, select the payment status that you want to test and click Continue.
    This creates an order with the selected payment status.

See Payment status changes for more information about Mollie payment statuses.


Switch to live mode

After setting up your checkout and configuring your settings, you can go live with your online store to start accepting real payments.

  1. Check whether your payment methods work properly before going live.
  2. Log in to Lightspeed eCom and go to Apps > Purchased apps.
    This opens the Account settings page.

  3. Switch off the test mode toggle:

    • A blue toggle indicates that test mode is on.

    • A black toggle indicates that test mode is off, and that your shop is live.

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