Get started with Lightspeed

Install Mollie Payments for Lightspeed and connect your Mollie account to offer customers a wide variety of payment methods in your Lightspeed eCom online store.


What you need to know in advance

  • You must create a Mollie account before you install Mollie Payments for Lightspeed.

  • If you're switching to Mollie Payments for Lightspeed from the previous integration (Lightspeed Payments by Mollie), you should turn off all payment methods in the previous integration, but keep the app itself enabled. This enables you to process refunds on former orders and shipments even after you move to the new integration. See our migration guide for more information.


Install and connect Mollie Payments for Lightspeed

  1. Log in to Lightspeed eCom.

  2. Go to Apps > App store.

  3. Search and select Mollie in the app store.

  4. Click Install app.

  5. In the installation window, click Grant access.

  6. Click Connect via Mollie.
    If you're already logged in to your Mollie account, your account details appear. Otherwise, log in to see your account details.

  7. Click Connect.

  8. Select the website that you want to use for your Lightspeed eCom online store from the Website profiles dropdown.


Select an API method

Mollie has two APIs available for handling payments. You must apply one of them in the app so that it can create and process payments.

  • Payments API creates a simple payment for the full order amount. When you apply this API, you can issue (partial) refunds by amount.

  • Orders API creates an order that contains the customer's details and purchased products. Mollie automatically creates a payment based on the order. When you apply this API, you can issue (partial) refunds for order items and send partial shipments.

in3 and Klarna payment methods always use Orders API. This means that when you select Payments API to handle payments, it applies to all payment methods except in3 and Klarna.


  1. Log in to Lightspeed eCom and go to Apps > Purchased apps.
    This opens the Account settings page.

  2. Select Payments or Orders from the Mollie API type dropdown.

  3. Click Save settings.


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