How does in3 work?

in3 is an instalment payment method where your customers can buy now and pay later. Customers can pay for their purchase via iDEAL in 3 interest free instalments over 60 days. 

No BKR registration is needed when your customer makes an order. Also, you are guaranteed to receive your payouts even without a shipping confirmation.

This is what you can expect when your customer pays with in3:

  1. Purchase: Customer selects in3 during checkout. No credit agreement or BKR registration is required.
  2. Consumer eligibility check: in3 will run an eligibility check in the background. 
  3. Order Complete: 1st payment is made via iDEAL.
  4. 11 business days after Purchase: You are paid the full amount.
  5. Up to 30 days after Purchase: 2nd payment is made via iDEAL.
  6. Up to 60 days after Purchase: 3rd payment is made via iDEAL.


Who can use in3?

Currently, in3 is only available for customers residing in The Netherlands. You can still offer this payment method if your business is based elsewhere in the EU or the UK. However, only customers based in the Netherlands will be able to pay with in3 because they have to use iDEAL to complete the payment.

in3 is best suited for businesses related to home & living, mobility, sport & fitness, DIY, and electronics. Your business should have average transaction values of €100,- and higher to use in3.


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