How do I install Mollie Payment Apps in Shopify?

If you want to offer Mollie payment methods in your Shopify webshop, you will first need to activate them in your Shopify settings.


What you need to know in advance


Activating payment methods in Shopify

  1. Choose a payment method and click the activation link in the list below.
    List of Mollie payment apps
  2. Click Add app.
  3. Log in to your Shopify account. 
  4. On the installation page, click Install app.
  5. Click Connect via Mollie and log into your Mollie account.
  6. Choose your website profile. This tells us which website you are installing the payment method on. Click Select profile.
  7. (Optional) Choose Enable test mode to test the payment method.
    • You can use test mode to make dummy transactions before your webshop goes live.
  8. Click on Activate Mollie - [Payment method name].


Matching order in Shopify to payment in Mollie

The new Payment Apps use a different ID number, which might affect your bookkeeping Orders made using the Mollie Payment Apps will have a different description in your Mollie Dashboard. You will now see the Payment ID of your Shopify order (previously it was the Checkout ID). You can use the Payment ID to look up the corresponding Shopify Order.


Good to know

All the Mollie Payment Apps will automatically show the payment method name based on the language settings of your customer’s browser.


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