How do I activate Mollie for Wix?

You will need to activate Mollie in your Wix Dashboard. When you have done this, you will be able to choose from a list of available payment methods.

At the moment, automatic sync between Mollie and Wix is not available. If you disable or enable a payment method in your Mollie Dashboard, you will need to do the same in Wix.  

  1. Log in to Wix
  2. In the side bar menu of your Wix dashboard, go to Settings > Accept Payments.
  3. Check your country at the top right corner of the box. Open the drop-down menu to select your business location.
  4. Click See More Payment Options on the bottom left.
  5. You can add Mollie to Wix in 2 ways:
    • Look for your preferred payment method that says Provided by Mollie under its name. Click Connect.agTlXgKhKz-lVvpFCyaechFMQgdJySZZM9-.pngFLLHSUpv_t8mp8_kujZxIMSlsTjQ31PsRNuXjiKNb3FJVMwTDTLMuHkR-ngtu-ZepbGMO5WJDuor3D6Mzo7SJYJvcmf2SM8QHMSxCOAA.png
    • Find  your preferred payment method and click See Options. Look for Mollie in the list and click Connect.
  6. You will be taken to a setup page where you will be asked to enter your Mollie credentials.To use.
    • Mollie in Test Mode, enter your Mollie Test API Key in the API Key field.
    • To go live with Mollie, enter your Mollie Live API Key in the API Key field.
  7. Once your preferred payment method has been connected, you can click Manage to see all the other payment methods that Mollie provides and add them to your site.


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