How do I create a payment request in my Mollie Dashboard?

With Payment Requests, you can create a payment link for your customer. You can send the URL via email or WhatsApp to your customer or make it visible on your website. Your customer is then able to pay you whenever they click on the link. Creating a payment request is free, you only pay the standard transaction costs when your customer pays. 


Creating a payment request

You can create a payment request in your Mollie Dashboard:

  1. Log in to your Mollie Dashboard.
  2. Go to Payment Request > Create payment request
  3. Add a description, expiration date, and the amount you want your customer to pay.
  4. Click on Create
  5. Copy the created URL and send it to your customer. 

Once your customer clicks on the link they will be sent to a page where they can complete the payment. 


Which payment methods are available for my customer?

Your customer can use all the payment methods you’ve selected in your Mollie account, except Klarna. If you have multiple website profiles on your account, the payment request shows the payment options associated with the profile you’d selected when creating the payment request. 


When does a payment request expire?

A payment request does not expire by default. This means the request is accessible and usable until someone pays the amount. Once paid, the link becomes unavailable. 

When you manually set an expiration date while making the payment request, the link becomes unavailable the day after this date. 


Good to know

You can also create a payment request through the Payment Links API. Please read more information in our API documentation


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