My consumer says he has paid, but the status of the transaction is still ‘open’. How is this possible?

It is possible that a consumer has transferred an amount to you, but you cannot find it in the transaction overview in your Mollie Dashboard. If the consumer has chosen bank transfer as payment method, it has probably been caused by using an incorrect payment reference. In that case Mollie cannot link the payment to the webshop and will refund the money to the consumer. The same happens when the wrong amount was transferred or when the consumer selected world transfer instead of SEPA bank transfer. The consumer usually receives the money on his bank account within two business days. The consumer can check this by searching in the banking environment for 'Mollie'. Ask the consumer to transfer the money to you again with the correct payment reference. It usually takes 2 to 3 business days before we receive the money, after that we can pay it out to you.

Hasn't the consumer received the money back after 3 business days? Ask for the IBAN number and check the status with us, we can look it up for you.


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