When is the live API key available?

After you have entered all the required information for your Mollie account, in most cases you receive the live API key immediately. You can find the live API key in your Mollie Dashboard under ‘Developers’. Is the live API key not yet available? Then take a look at your account to see if you need to enter any additional information. As soon as you open the dashboard, you will then see ‘Add additional information’ on the homepage.


It is also possible that the live API key is not yet available because of one of the following reasons:

  • The beneficial owner (or one of the beneficial owners) is currently not resident in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria or France;
  • You have answered ‘yes’ to the question if one of the stakeholders or a family member thereof is a Politically Exposed Person (PEP);
  • You create an account for a Dutch foundation or Belgian association.

Does one of the above reasons apply to you? Then we will first check your account before the live API key is released. This is usually done within two business days after you have entered all the required information. You will receive a message about this from us by email.


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