Why has my ID been rejected?

It might be that we do not approve the identity document that you have uploaded, we will inform you about this by email. This can have multiple reasons, for example because the text was not readable or not all corners were visible.

We therefore ask you to upload a new copy of your identification document.

What are things to take into account when uploading your identification document?

  • Please make sure the text is readable, the card is well lit and all corners are visible.
  • When uploading a copy of a passport: please upload the frontside of the page with your personal details
  • When uploading a copy of an ID card: please upload the front- and backside
  • When uploading a copy of a residence permit: please upload the front- and backside

A driver’s license is not a valid proof of identity.

For Dutch merchants: you may hide your photo and BSN, as in the example below:


Note that the BSN on the second line starts digit after the M (of male) or F (of female). The information before and after must still be clearly legible.


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