Why has money been debited from my account for a transaction I haven't done?

Do you see Mollie or Stg Mollie Payments on your bank statement, but you don’t know anymore why it was debited from your account? Via ‘Find your transaction’ you can look up which company debited money from your bank account. It could be, for instance, that Mollie processed a direct debit for the company. Questions about a specific payment can be asked to the webshop, you will find the contact details when looking for the transaction on our website.

In case you don’t recognize the payment and you can’t get any contact with the webshop, you can report the payment by looking up the transaction and tapping ‘Report this payment’. Please clearly describe in your message what is going on. The merchant will receive the message and we will link the report to the merchant. Read more about what you can do in case you cannot get in touch with a merchant.

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