When creating your Mollie account, we ask you to add a business bank account and verify it with a 1 cent payment*. We check your bank account within two business days after you have received your first transaction via your webshop. Once your bank account has been approved, you will not receive a message about this, but we will pay you according to the payout frequency that you have selected in your Mollie Dashboard. Please note the minimum payout amount (set by default to € 5). If your bank account has been rejected, for example because it is not clear whether it concerns a business bank account, you will receive an email from us.

Has it been longer than a week since you received your first transaction and should you have already been paid out according to the payout frequency? Then please contact us.

*Some banks have a higher minimum transfer amount than 1 cent. In that case, transfer that amount to us for the bank verification. Is the amount higher than € 1? Then the amount - minus 1 cent - can be refunded to you.


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