How do I know if my Mollie account was completed successfully?

After you have created an account for Mollie, we will ask you for certain information about you and your company, so you can receive payments and we can pay you out. Read more about the steps involved in the sign up process.

As soon as you have entered (part of) this information, in most cases the live API key is immediately available. You can then add it to the backend of your webshop and start receiving payments. You can find the live API key in your Mollie Dashboard under ‘Developers’.

To find out if you have provided all the required information, go to the homepage of your Mollie Dashboard. If you go directly to the ‘Payments’ page when opening the dashboard, and not to a page where additional information is requested, it means that your registration has been successful. If we still need additional information, we will send you an email.

Homepage Mollie Dashboard when you need to complete the last steps of  your account:




When your account is completed and approved, you will see this page when opening your dashboard:


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