What is MyBank and how does it work?

MyBank is a popular direct bank transfer payment method in Italy and is integrated by over 140 banks. Because it uses real-time bank transfers, the payments made with MyBank are 100% guaranteed. MyBank can also be used in Spain and Greece. 

How does MyBank work for the consumer?

  1. The consumer selects MyBank as payment method and chooses his bank from the list of participating banks
  2. Now the consumer logs in to the online banking environment
  3. In the online banking environment the consumer reviews the prefilled payment details
  4. If all the information is correct the customer authorizes the payment
  5. After the authorization the customer will receive a confirmation and the product will be sent


The transaction costs are 1.5% of the transaction amount + a fixed fee of €0.25 per transaction.


Mollie will pay out with a delay of 2 business days. This means that if you select daily payouts, a transaction from Monday is paid out on Thursday.

Activating MyBank

Log in to Mollie and go to payment methods in your website profile. Here you can easily activate MyBank by switching the button to the right. Your request to activate MyBank will usually be checked within two business days. You will receive a message from us once that has been done.

In case you are not able to activate MyBank in your Mollie Dashboard, please contact our support team.