How do I add, manage or delete users to my account?

What you need to know in advance

  • Due to privacy reasons and to avoid fraud, you need a verified email address. During the signup process you'll receive a verification request.
  • Only owners have the permission to invite new users and to change permissions or delete users. Please read Mollie’s policy on inviting new members.


How do I add a new user?

1. Go to Settings > Team in your Mollie Dashboard.

2. Click on Add member.

3. Add the email address of the team member you would like to add. Currently, it is not possible to add multiple members at once, you have to add them one by one. 

4. Click Invite.

The new team member will now receive an invitation at the email address you entered and will be asked to either create an account (if he doesn’t have a registered account yet with Mollie) or to sign in (in case he has a registered account already). After that, he can access and use the dashboard. The invitation link in the email he receives is valid for 24 hours. If the link expires, you will have to send a new invitation.

In your team overview, you will see to which email address(es) you sent an invite and for which role. It will also show the label ‘invite sent’.


How do I change the permissions of a team member?

1. Go to Settings > Team in your Mollie Dashboard.

2. Click on the icon of the paper and pencil, after which you will see an overview of the different roles. 

3. Here you can select a different role for the user. 


How do I delete a team member?

1. Go to Settings > Team in your Mollie Dashboard.

2. Tap the trash next to the name of the user and confirm that you want to delete the member. Note: Once you have deleted a team member, this cannot be undone. If you want the member to have access again at a later moment, you will need to send a new invitation to the member.