How do I integrate Yuki with Molllie?

Yuki offers accountancy software that simplifies the accounting process for entrepreneurs. By linking your Yuki and Mollie accounts together, you can combine invoicing and payment. You simply send your customers their invoice and they pay through the link in their invoice. After the payment is processed, the transaction will be automatically registered in your Yuki account. This means that all your Mollie transactions will be immediately synced to your Yuki account and automatically matched with your invoices, making updating your accounting effortless.

How does it work?

Integrating Yuki with Mollie is very easy. Follow these steps:

  • Login at Yuki with your Yuki account
  • Click on ‘Connect with Mollie’

Don't have a Mollie account yet? You can create a free Mollie account directly from your Yuki account, which is then linked automatically. Read more about how to sign up for Mollie here.


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