Which file types can I export?

You can easily export transactions, settlements, and your balance report from your Mollie dashboard in a variety of file formats.


These file types are currently available for exports:


  • MT940 automatically enters your transactions into your bookkeeping program. It’s a great way to keep your bookkeeping up to date while reducing the likelihood of human error. MT940 is compatible with most bookkeeping software.


  • CSV is a simple text file many programs accept (e.g. Microsoft Excel). Use CSV if your bookkeeping program does not accept MT940 or if you would like to manually analyse your information.


  • Use this file if you want to have a clear overview in printable form for yourself or your accountant.


  • Belgian bookkeeping programs often use CODA files. A CODA file contains extensive information about all transactions. It’s comparable to MT940 in terms of minimising human error and automating your bookkeeping. 


  • DATEV is a bookkeeping platform often used by German businesses. Mollie uses a simpler version of this file format for small businesses. Read more about DATEV here.


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