Which file types are available for exports?

In your Mollie Dashboard, you can export transactions, settlements, and your balance report. You can download these files as:

  • MT940
    • MT940 automates the process of entering transactions into your bookkeeping program, reducing the process to a few steps. This minimizes the chance for human error and keeps your bookkeeping up to date. MT940 is compatible with most bookkeeping software. 
  • CSV
    • CSV is a simple text file, which many programs can read, including Microsoft Excel. Use this file if your bookkeeping program doesn’t accept MT940 or if you want to manually analyze your information. 
  • CODA
    • This file is commonly used in Belgian bookkeeping programs. A CODA file contains extensive information about all transactions. It’s comparable to MT940 in terms of minimizing human error and automating your bookkeeping. 
  • PDF
    • Use this file if you want to have a clear overview in printable form for yourself or your accountant.

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