What are Application fees?

The “Application fees” feature allows you to impose charges on the payments that your customers receive. We also call these platform costs: fees that Mollie deducts from a payment to a business on behalf of the platform. In this sense it looks a lot like a split payment, since part of the amount goes to the business and another part goes to the owner of the platform (i.e. you).

Example: booking platform Hoteliers.com initiates a payment for a hotel that is a customer with Mollie. The hotel and Hoteliers.com have agreed that x% of the consumer’s payment will be deducted for the service that Hoteliers.com provides. Hoteliers.com therefore sets up an Application fee that Mollie deducts from the payment to the hotel. This amount is debited from the hotel’s Mollie account and credited to the Mollie account of Hoteliers.com. See this article for a sample calculation.

The combination of Connect for Platforms and Application fees makes it possible to build great apps that generate revenue for you as a partner!

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