How does Connect for Platforms work?

Connect for Platforms works via the Connect API. This API is built on OAuth 2.0 (Open Authorization), the industry standard when it comes to securely and confidentially providing data to apps. Through OAuth, you can access and carry out transactions on behalf of a Mollie customer’s account. OAuth uses “tokens”, which allow these actions to be performed without requiring the Mollie customer’s confidential data, such as their username and password. The article “Working with access tokens” contains a brief explanation of how we use various tokens.

Follow the step-by-step procedure here to onboard customers via Connect for Platforms and streamline this process: Onboard your customers at Mollie.

The process that a Mollie customer goes through via Connect for Platforms is outlined in steps below. Plink is used here as an example.

Step 1. The customer clicks on the “Log in with Mollie” button.


Then there are two options:

Step 2a. The customer logs in to their Mollie account


Step 2b. The customer does not have a Mollie account and clicks on “No account yet? Sign up” in Step 2a.


Step 3. After logging in or creating a Mollie account, the “scopes” for the app will be displayed. Once the customer clicks on “Allow access”, the link will be made.


TIP! The transactions you would like to perform on behalf of your customers are also called “scopes” or “permissions”. This page lists the available scopes that provide access to the different endpoints of the Mollie API. Once customers have authorized your application, they can easily withdraw this at any time by going to “Settings” >> “Authorized apps” on their Mollie Dashboard.

See also: What is Connect for Platforms? and How do I access the Connect API?



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